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Removing Spills and Stains!

Read the dirty little secrets most carpet cleaners don’t want you to know about!
What Are Some Main Points to Remember When Removing Spots and Stains?2016-11-09T16:40:23-05:00
  • Handle it as soon as possible! The longer the spill remains, the tougher it will be to remove.
  • Never let it dry! If you would like me to remove the spot, put a dripping wet white towel over
    the spot so it doesn’t dry before I can get there. This will make a BIG difference!

  • I also recommend investing $40.00 in one of those hand held spotter machines. You’ll find them
    in Wal-Mart. It sprays cleaning solution into the stain and flushes it out. Very Effective!

  • Don’t use too much spot remover! Too much can damage your carpet; a small amount is plenty.
How Do You Remove Pet Accidents?2015-09-02T15:04:27-04:00

Use a product called “Nature’s Miracle.” Pet urine and feces breed bacteria, resulting in Odor! Natures Miracle kills the bacteria and eliminates the nasty odor. You’ll find it in pet stores, and possibly your Supermarket. Follow product directions. “Febreeze” can be used after Natures Miracle.

How to Get Rid of Food Spots, Blood, Dirt, Etc?2015-08-12T16:05:04-04:00

A simple solution of Ammonia, Water, and Dish Liquid is very effective on most spots. To make: Fill an empty spray bottle w/ ½ Ammonia, ½ Water, and ½ teaspoon of Dish Liquid. (Note: Do Not Use Ammonia on Wool Rugs or Wool Upholstery!)

How Do You Remove Grease, Oil, Gum, Tar, Cooking Oil, Ink, Copy Toner, Motor Oil, Etc?2015-08-12T16:05:08-04:00

A great spot remover is called “Spot Shot.” You will find it in a blue spray bottle in the cleaning isle of your Supermarket. It’s safe on wool fabrics.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains?2015-08-12T16:05:12-04:00

Believe it or not – White wine removes dark wine stains. Really!

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