How to clean grout for a better, longer clean.


The porous nature of grout is a magnet for grease, dirt, and grime! Grout “soaks in” the grease, dirt, and grime and makes it impossible to just clean with a Swifer or mop.  As a result, tile floors can look dirty, even after having “just been mopped.”  Yuch!!!


Well, something can be done with your tile floor that will leave it clean and looking fantastic! Even better, it will keep looking great for 3 – 5 years.


How to Clean Grout – The Solution!


My three step Cleaning and Sealing Process for how to clean grout floors fully cleans, restores, and seals your Tile Floor.  No more embarrassing “dirt magnet!” This is just one of my many cleaning secrets!


Step # 1: I clean your tile floor with a heavy-duty degreaser cleaning agent and professional floor scrubbing machine. This deep clean scrub all the grease, dirt, and soap build up off of your floor. This is then power rinsed with my powerful Carpet Cleaning equipment.


Step # 2: Your floor is then cleaned a second time with a buffered acid cleaning solution. This is completely safe for your floor and rejuvenates the grout lines and restores them to their original appearance. This solution is then also fully rinsed and cleaned out.


Step # 3: I then apply an Impregnator Sealer to the floor. An Impregnator Sealer is a sealer that soaks into the grout lines. This makes the floor water and stain resistant for 3 – 5 years. This does not change the natural appearance of your floor in any way.   The sealer soaks into the floor, as opposed to a topical sealer which sits on top of the floor. (Floor wax would be an example of a topical sealer).


Impregnator Sealers are better for Tile and Stone Floors because they A) Last longer, B) Resist water and stains better, and C) Do not change the natural appearance of your floor.  You just see the natural beauty of the floor.

Free Demonstration!

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