1) I first use a specially designed tile scrubbing machine and heavy duty cleaning agents to clean those dirty grout lines. Then using high temperature and high pressure equipment I remove all of the dirt and filth from your floor.

2) Next, I clean your tile floor a second time with an acid cleaner, specially designed for tile floors. This step rejuvenates your floor and makes it look “Brand New” again

You will be SHOCKED when you see how fantastic it looks!

Note: Natural Stone Floors are cleaned is a similar fashion, (minus the “acid cleaning” step). Natural Stone cleans up just as spectacular as tile floors do!

I will also show you how to maintain and clean the floor yourself so the grout lines don’t re-soil again.

Sealer is also available upon request. This keeps your floor stay cleaner longer.

Call me at 727-599-4252 for a free demonstration. I will come and clean a one square foot section of your floor for free. You’ll be amazed!!!